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Quaid-i-Azam and Muslim League’s Emergence as a Mass Movement, 1937-40

Jinnah initiated the task of the expansion of the League by giving it a new organizational set-up. According to the new strategy of All India Muslim League, primary Leagues were established at the grass roots level, each representing a ward or a Mohalla within a city. Representatives of the primary Leagues were constituted into the District/Tahsil Muslim League and were entrusted with the responsibility of looking after the affairs of the League within their own areas. Various District League representatives were grouped into a Provincial Muslim League, representing a particular province. Provincial Muslim Leagues were given representation at the centre in the League Working Committee. The Working Committee in turn was placed under the ultimate and effective control of the Council of the All India Muslim League stipulating clearly in the constitution that all resolutions passed by the Working Committee would be subject to the approval and ratification of the Council. The Council was to be elected by Provincial Leagues from amongst its members. The President of the League was to be elected every year by the Council from amongst the nominees of different branches of the Muslim League.

This expansion of the League structure opened new avenues of association and participation within the League, attracting a host of Muslim interests and groups. The most enthusiastic response, of course, came from the urban middle classes, merchants, industrialists, traders, bankers, professional and other newly mobilized groups who rushed to join the League in order to avail themselves of the opportunity they had been looking for and which they now found impossible to resist in view of the promise held out by the Pakistan idea. The result was that not only heterogeneous groups like the educated, urban middle classes and the landowning classes could now exist side by side but even some of the groups which did not have much liking for the other groups saw it fit to support the League.

An Excerpt From A research article with the title:

‘Quaid-i-Azam and Muslim League’s Emergence as a Mass Movement, 1937-40’,


Kishwar Sultana, (Associate Professor, Department of History, A.I.O.U, Islamabad), ‘Pakistan Journal of History & Culture’, Vol.XXVI/2 (2005), 151-152

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