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Historical Literature And Its Importance For Historians

Historical literature is one of the main sources of ancient history of around the world and of Subcontinent as well. Historical writings like Rajatrangani by Kalhana describes the history of Kashmir, Harshacarita by Bana describes the life story of King Harsha and many other similar others helps the historians. The Pali chronicles of Ceylon,i.e., Dip Vansha and Maha Vansh contains many early Indian Indian Traditions, Chiefly concerning the Mauryan Dynasty. Books like the Vedas are considered an authentic source of information , throw light on the religious, political, social and economic life of the people of the Subcontinent. They are four in number, Rig Veda, Auther Veda, Yajur Veda and Sam Veda. Puranas are also important sources of ancient history that reveal important events of kings and queens of ancient India, but later on it only becomes religious discourse. The Sanskrit epic, the Ramayana telling the story of Rama and the Mahabartha that of the Kuru dynasty.


From Study Guide (MA History), Ancient Cultures and Civilizations of India, Department of History, A.I.O.U, Page 4.

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