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The ancient history of the world is mainly based on the material that is found in archeological sites. These ancient goods are as old as human beings themselves. The archeological sources that help us to explore the world history are many. These sources of law can be briefly stated here:

  1. Art: The art traditions of the world are very useful source for ascertaining the history of a particular area.
  2. Architecture: The architecture background and richness of different past civilizations also serves as an important source of digging the ancient history of a particular area.
  3. Epigraphy: The study of inscriptions is known as epigraphy. Such epigraphical remains also had great value for historians. It informs us about the correct list of monarchs, dynasties etc.
  4. Numismatic: Numismatic is the study of coins. This material is found in abundance at certain areas and plays a vital role in filling the missing gaps of history. It is a very authentic source to reconstruct history of the world.
بائیو جلد ہی اپڈیٹ کردینگے
بائیو جلد ہی اپڈیٹ کردینگے
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