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Buddha’s ‘Noble Truth’

  • Buddha means the one who is intuitive and enlightened. The famous historical personality is said to have lived for eighty years. He is said to have in 563 B.C at Nepal. Buddha or Siddharta was the founder of Buddhism. He was brought up by his step mother. The appearance of an aged man and dead body deepened his aversion from the world and its worthlessness. He thus left his home in search of the Truth. For years he lead an austere life inorder to seek contentment. The Buddha is regarded as a philosopher and founder a major world religion. His teachings were about reason and emphasized on gaining direct access to the greater reality.
  • Buddha’s teachings are described by his four ‘Noble Truth’. These are:
  • The world is full of sorrow.
  • The cause of sorrow is desire.
  • If desires are conquered , all sorrows can be removed.
  • The only way this can be done is by following the eight-fold path.
  • Buddha preached for next 45 years and his last words were ‘subject to decay are components things’.
بائیو جلد ہی اپڈیٹ کردینگے
بائیو جلد ہی اپڈیٹ کردینگے
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