Swat History


With the passage of time,people’s attachment to the memories of ex State of Swat increases.The new generation are greatly interested to know more about the State system of Government, its Judicial system, education and health Departments and their mechanisms.Most youth often upload pics of their forefathers who were of any consequences in the State organs and feel very proud by doing so.A lot of research work has been done by local foreign Scholars regarding then State, its last two rulers, Miangul Abdul Wadud Badsha Sahib and Miangul Abdul Haq Jahanzeb,Wali Sahib. Some youth attribute imaginary ranks to their forefathers for which they are not to be blamed because it is more than half century old story now.I wish if I could elaborate on all State organs one by one but mostly they were so interconnected that you can not draw a line between them.such as some high ranks in The Forces had judicial powers also. But to simplify the topic, we will restrict to The State Force only.

At the beginning, one Sepa Salar led the forces on many expeditions but some time the Prime Minister of the State also commanded the assaults on many occasions. Any how first Sepa Salar was Ahmad Ali, younger brother of Prime Minister of Fatehul Mulk Hazrat Ali Khan. When the Sepa Salar was given the portfolio of a Minister of State, Miangul Jahanzeb, the Crown Prince, was appointed Sepa Salar.After the Wazir Brothers were exiled and Jahanzeb was made Prime Minister, a full time Sepa Salar was inducted in the Force. After the retirement of Syed Badsha Gul as Sepa Salar, this high rank was abolished and only Naib Salar was all in all onward. So the Officers were according to the following profile.

1.Naib Salar


3.Command Officers (later Captain.)

4.Subedar Majors





Each Captain had two Subedar Major under his command. Each Subedar Major had four Subedars. The Subedar had 100 + soldiers, Jamadars and other ranks . Thus it can be concluded that each Captain 800 persons to lead. Besides these, one Commander Police maintained the Policing system and one Commander Roads for maintenance of Roads with some 4000 sepoys.


Written by: Fazal Raziq Shahab, Swat.

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