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‘Who’s Who’ was a confidential report published by the Political & Secret Department, Government of British India in 1933. The particular report covered the leading personalities of that era and provided basic information about them. The author has made an endeavour to provide details about those personalities who belonged to Swat and has been mentioned in that report. The details of these personalities in alphabetical order is given here:

1. Abdul Qadus Khan: Abdul Qudus Khan hails from Khwaza Khela, Swat. He is one of the most trusted official of Miangul Abdul Wadud (Bacha Saib). In 1925, he led the forces of Swat against Baradar Khan of Thakot. He is serving as Hakim and is posted at Totalai, Khadu Khel , Buner.(Which was then part of the Swat State and is at present a separate district. Abdul Qadus was later on promoted as Musheer in the State).

2. Ahmad Ali Khan: The father of Ahmad Ali Khan belonged to Chitral. The two brothers came to Saidu Sharif when the marriage of the mother of Miangul Abdul Wadud was performed. (It is pertinent to mention that the daughter of Mehtar of Chitral was the mother of Bacha Sahib). Ahmad Ali was then employed by Bacha Sahib as Commander-in-Chief of the Swat State army. His younger brother Hazrat Ali was also given a key position in the State of Swat. According to British sources both these brothers were having quite habits and were introvert. (In 1943, the Wazir brothers had to leave Swat and settled in Wazir Abad, Malakand Agency. A detailed account of these Wazir Brothers will be given separately by the author).

3. Attaullah: Attaullah belongs to Gujranwala, Punjab. His professional qualification is B.A,. LLB.. He was appointed as his Secretary in 1926 by the Ruler of Swat. (He was Tutor of Miangul Jahanzeb at Islamia College. In the British Archival record, Attaullah has been regarded as a capable and polite person. However, the version of the local Swatis regarding his relationship with them and the State officials is an interesting subject. The author intends to write a detailed article on his overall career in near future). The brother of Attaullah was a professor in Kabul, Afghanistan as well.

4. Bahramand: Shahzada Behramand is the son of late Miangul Shirin. He got his education at Islamia College, Peshawar. He is a constant companion of the Wali-Ahd, Miangul Jahanzeb. (Miangul Shirin, the brother of Miangul Abdul Wadud was martyred in 1918 in a battle with the Dir forces at Shamozai, Swat. He doesn’t hold an official position in the State in 1933. Shahzada Bahramand committed suicide in July 1947, just before the partition of Indian Subcontinent. The family of Miangul Shirin had settled in ‘Musa Maina’ Malakand Agency. Other details about this significant event in history of Swat will be highlighted in future).

5. Habib Ullah: Habib Ullah belongs to Paitai (Present day Fateh Pur). He is famously known as Miandam Khan. He is regarded as the largest land-owner in Swat and it is speculated that he can turn out a lashkar of about 2,000 men. He is not friendly to the ruler of Swat state. He was defeated by Ruler of Swat in the year 1921 and was subsequently driven into Kohistan. He was then pardoned by the ruler and also returned his property in the State. In 1928, he again conspired against the ruler of Swat but didn’t succeed in his effort. (For detailed study on this particular episode, kindly consult the autobiographies of the rulers of Swat State). He thus fled from Swat and is living as a refugee at Rabat, Dir.

6. Hassan Khan belongs to Mingora, Babuzai, Swat State. He was Subedar-Major of 12th Pioneers and got retired on pension in 1917. He received the 2nd Class of Order of British India with title of “Bahadur”. He was exiled to Thana for some time but was then permitted to return to’ Mingaora. He was made Honorary Captain in 1927.

7. Hazrat Ali: Hazrat Ali is the son-in-law of the Wali of Swat (Bacha Sahib) and is also his “Wazir”. Hazrat Ali father was also a religious scholar in Chitral. Hazrat Ali is regarded the right hand of the Ruler of Swat. He is capable and very loyal to Miangul Abdul Wadud. He was made a Khan Sahib in 1930.

8. Muhammad Rasul Khan: Muhammad Rasul Khan belongs to Durushkhela, Shamizai [Shamizi], Swat. He is the son of Late Habib Khan, who was the leading Malik [Malak] in Upper Swat. He along with his family is now residing in Dir State as a refugee. He receives grain for his support from the Nawab. In 1931 he collected a lashkar for the invasion of Swat but was stopped by the Nawab on an order received from the Political Agent.

9. Musa Khan: Haji Musa Khan belongs to Barikot , Swat State. He is one of the most wealthy person in Swat and is a great trader. His son, Abdul Latif, is a Naib-Tahsildar in Swat State. He has lost his influence since the Wali rise to power and is not on good terms with the ruler.

10. Nausherwan: Nawsherwan belongs to Mingoara and used to be one of the most powerful Khans in Swat. He is still the head of faction (dalla). According to British reports, in 1933 he was not in favour with the Wali (Bacha Sahib) and now has little influence.

11. Nur-ul-Hadi Khan: Nur-ul-Hadi of Kanju belongs to Nikpi Khel family. He is a prominent official in the Wali’s service and is now Hakim of Chakesar.

12. Qamram: Qamran was a leading Malik of the Shamozai, Swat. (He was popularly known as Kamran Malak). He was guilty of a treachery in December 1910 in admitting the Nawab of Dir men into ‘Kak Qilla’. He took a leading part against the Nawab in 1915 and 1916. He got a high favour from Miangul Abdul Wadud and thus serving his Tahsildar in Shamozai.

13. Sharifullah Khan: Sharif Ullah Khan belongs to Nawan Killi (Musa Khel). He is a Malik of some importance and on good terms with the Ruler of Swat.

14. Sher Afzal Khan: Sher Afzal Khan hails from Odigram, Babuzai, Swat. He is a Babuzai ‘Khan’ and who has always supported the Ruler of Swat. He is now Hakim of Buner with his Head Quarters at Gagra.

15. Sultanat Khan: Sultanat Khan is known as the Jurai Khan. He is the leading Sebujni Khan who has not fled to Dir. He is a constant companion of the Wali/Rule of Swat. (Sultanat Khan later on received ‘Khan Bahadar’ title as well. Bacha Saib used to call him ‘Jora’ and had great affection and admiration for him. When he was buried on a hilly place, Bacha Sahib told his son that you selected a high site for the burial of my friend and now how can I go there to pray for him? His son Fateh Muhammad Khan thus constructed a road to have easy access to the grave).

16. Sultan Khan: Sultan Khan belongs to Shinr, Upper Swat. He used to be one of the leading Khans of Jinki Khel. He is now a refugee at Dir.

The writer is founding Chief Editor of www.swatencyclopedia.com. He hails from Saidu Sharif, Swat. He is M.phil Scholar and his research field is Swat State. He regularly writes on Swat State and its various aspects.
The writer is founding Chief Editor of www.swatencyclopedia.com. He hails from Saidu Sharif, Swat. He is M.phil Scholar and his research field is Swat State. He regularly writes on Swat State and its various aspects.
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