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Miangul Gulshahzada Abdul Wadud: Miangul GuIshahzada Abdul Wadud is the Wali of Swat. He is the grandson and eldest surviving representative of the family of the Akhund of Swat. The Akhund died in 1877 leaving two sons Abdul Hanan and Abdul Khaliq. These died in 1888 and 1892 respectively, each having two sons· Gulshahzada was the son of the later… The election of Sayyid Abdul Jabbar Shah as King of Swat in 1915 brought about reconciliation between the two brothers, Miangul Abdul Wadud and Miangul Sherin. Sayyid Abdul Jabbar Shah was, however, too strong for them; he succeeded in establishing an ascendancy over them, and subsequently drove them out of Upper Swat altogether. The two brothers there upon joined the Nawab of Dir, and were with him in his attempts to reconquer Swat in 1916.

In 1917 an undertaking was effected between them and Sayyid Abdul Jabbar Shah, and the Mianguls left the Nawab and entered into alliance with the rest of Swat. Miangul Gulshahzada was unable to remain long in agreement with Sayyid Abdul Jabbar Shah, and soon started an intrigue to get rid of him. In this he was successful and in September 1917 the Swat clans dismissed Sayyid AbduI Jabbar Shah and gave their allegiance to Miangul Gulshahzada. In 1918  Miangul Sherin Badshah was killed while fighting against the Nawab of Dir. In 1919 Miangul Gulshahzada defeated the Nawab of Dir and occupied Adinzai. In 1922 he was induced by political pressure to restore Adinzai to the Nawab and a boundary was fixed by Government between the States of Dir and Swat. The Miangul then occupied Buner, and established his rule over part of Swat Kohistan and the country lying between the Swat valley and Indus.

In May 1926 he was formally recognised by the Government of India as Ruler or Wali of Swat at a Durbar at Saidu held by the Chief Commissioner. A formal agreement was drawn up, by which he undertook to be friendly to Government and to observe certain boundaries in return for an annual allowance of Rs. 10,000. He possesses ‘Serai’ land in Swat Ranizai, Sam Ranizai, Mardan Tahsil and Adinzai. He was made a K. B. E. on 1st January 1930. In May 1933 his son Jahanzeb was recognised by Government as his Heir-Apparent. He has always shown himself most loyal to Government and hospitable to Government officers. He rendered inestimable service in 1930 by preventing the Red Shirt movement from spreading to those factions of his State which adjoin the Mardan Sub-Division.


Who’s Who In The Dir, Swat and Chitral Agency, Political & Secret Department, Government of British India, 1933, Page 4.

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