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“Who’s Who’ In The Dir, Swat and Chitral Agency”  was a confidential report published by the Political & Secret Department, Government of British India in 1933. The particular report covered the leading personalities of that era and provided basic information about them. The author has made an endeavour to provide details about those personalities who belonged to Dir State and whose names has been mentioned in that report. The details of those personalities is given below in alphabetical order (Part 4).

21. Mohabat Khan: Mohabat Khan is Khan of Batai. He is one of the Nawab’s counselors. He spends most of his time in Dir. In 1933 his faction attacked that of Mohammad Fahim Khan (q. v.) in the Ushiri Darra and inflicted severe losses in it.

22. Muhammad Amira Jan: Muhammad Amira Jan is one of the leading Akhundzadas of Khal. He is an old man with considerable influence. He is not in favour with the Nawab.

23. Muhammad Arif Khan: Muhammad Arif Khan is from Nasr-ud-Din Khel. He is Khan of Shahzadai, a feudatory of Dir. He belongs to the faction of Alamzeb Khan (q.v.) with whom he is living in exile at Dabgai.

24. Muhammad Fahim Khan: Muhammad Fahim Khan is son of Abdul Rahim Khan of Samkut, Painda Khel. He is foster-brother of Nawab Shah Jehan Khan and a member of his council. He used to be in favour with the Nawab of Dir and was Commander-in-Chief of his force during the Chitral Reliefs of 1932. He  subsequently fell from power and the Nawab now distrusts him… He is believed to be responsible for the attempt of the Painda Khels to attack Warai Camp, during the Reliefs of 1932. He is usually known as Samkut Khan.

25. Muhammad Isa Khan: Muhammad Isa Khan is second son of the late Nawab Muhammad Sharif Khan and uncle of the present Nawab. He is famously known as Darora Khan. After the death of Miangul Jan, he aspired to fill his place as pretender to the Dir Khanate, and became a centre of intrigue. He was Subedar-Major of the Dir Levies, but in March 1915 he left the appointment and went to Jandul to the Khan of Barwa where for the first time he did his best to create a combination strong enough to overcome the Nawab and turn him out, hoping the succession would fall to him. Events, however, did not turn out as he wished. He went from Jandul to Swat in the beginning of 1917 to try his fortune from there, but with no better result. He has been given lands In Manogaa village, Adinzai, where he lives. The present Nawab distrusts him and keeps him away as far as possible from Dir. He is capable and well-mannered. His eldest son is serving as a Jamadar in the Frontier Constabulary.

26. Muhammad Jan Khan: Muhammad Jan Khan is Khan of Khar. He is second son of the late Sardar Khan Ibrahim Khel. He was born about 1889. He has married the daughter of Muhammad Ali Jan, son of the Khan of Nawagai. Since the decline of the Nawagai Khanate, he has endeavoured to make himself master of Bajaur. He always signs himself Nawab of Bajaur, although his power only extends over a few villages. His ambition is to capture Nawagai, but the tribal party hitherto proved too strong for him. He  has always maintained friendly relations with Government and has had from time to time to resist the attacks of the Haji of Turangzai and other religious leaders in consequence. He has allied friendly, from time to time with the Nawab of Dir, the Wali of Swat, Alamzeb Khan etc, as it suited his convenience. He is notorious for double dealing but is the only member of the Ibrahim Khel family who possesses the ability is capable of ruling Bajour. Since 1931 he has been in alliance with the Nawab of Dir and in September of that year with the Nawab’s assistance he made an attack on the Khan of Pashatand captured two of his forts. During the troubles of 1932, he rendered no active assistance to Government or the Nawab but this was probably due to the precariousness of his isolated position.


The Chief Editor of the website ( is Jalal Uddin. He hails from Saidu Sharif, Swat. He is M.phil Scholar and his research field is Swat State. He regularly writes on Swat State and its various aspects.
The Chief Editor of the website ( is Jalal Uddin. He hails from Saidu Sharif, Swat. He is M.phil Scholar and his research field is Swat State. He regularly writes on Swat State and its various aspects.
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