Swat History


For the last forty plus years, a great number of Doctors, Engineers and Officers from the armed forces, have been inducted in Civil and Police Services after qualifying CSS exams. So, one can see doctors as Superintendents of Police, Or Deputy Commissioners and Captains in both the civil services. They keep their ranks with their names with the words ‘retired captain’ etc.

But in the State of Swat, it was the authority of the Ruler to post officers of any department or the forces, wherever he thought proper. But none, from the Health and Education was posted outside their professional job. It will quote a few examples to clear the picture for those who are interested in the history of Swat.

In 1964, I and Bahadar Zaman, my colleague in Swat P.W.D, were sent to Duber (Indus Kohistan), some 15 miles away from Ranolia, for lay out of the two roomed Dispensary. We were received by the Tehsildar Duber, Mr. Mohammad Zuber Khan. He was from a known family of Ghwareja village, tehsil Kabal, situated on the right bank of River Swat, just opposite Faza Gat. He was cordial to us as he knew my father personally and fed us a very sumptuous dinner that evening. After a night say, we returned after completing our assignment. A few months later I visited Ghwareja village with the State ‘Munsif’ or Arbitrator, Captain Sherin in connection of a dispute. There we were received by the same Zuber Khan, in his hujra. He was redesignated as Subedar Major in the State Forces, a post he held prior to his appointment as Tehsildar.

Another similar case was of Sarfaraz Khan of Mingora. He was made Captain, while he was Tehsildar. Later he was promoted as Commander Roads. He later on retired from Provincial Police Service as D.S.P.

Another prominent State officer in the State Revenue-cum-Judiciary was Fasih Ul Lasan, Masheer Sahib. He was a State Police Officer. He was appointed as Tehsildar and on gradual promotion, he became Masheer Babozai. After merger of the State, he joined Provincial service and retired as Political Agent.

Mohammad Sherin served as Captain of the State Cavalry. He was later made ‘Munsif’ to decide disputes of very critical nature among villages or big families.

Amir Sed, Wazir Mulk Sahib started service as Subedar and on his qualities and statesmanship, he reached the highest post in the State.

Said Karim Khan of Bajkata, Buner had served as Tehsildar for many years, was redesignated as Subedar Major and though retired during the State period, was addressed as Subedar Major Sahib by the people of Buner.


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