Swat History


I do not know how the kitchen items were supplied to the Royal residence of the Ruler of Swat. But one day a school fellow, who was one class senior to me, told me that his father has been awarded the supply of meat, vegetables and spices etc to the Wali Swat’s kitchen. The daily commodities were earlier purchased from the local ‘bazar’ on daily basis. As the Ruler had to bear all his expenses  himself out of his Privy Purse, so it was thought proper to get the supplies through a contractor. So, the matter took off and everything running smoothly to the satisfaction of both sides. The transactions of the first few weeks were free from doubts, but after few months Wali Sahib felt something fishy was being played on him. He believed in the good nature of people around him. Anyhow, before taking some action based on his doubts, he decided to check and counter-check the whole chain from the shop to his plate and made sure no injustice is done in a hurry. At last, the task was done without the knowledge of the staff and contractor. On the last evening of the final result, Wali Sahib unexpectedly and unusually exclaimed, “This plate of vegetable cost me Rs. 120.” The officers dinning with him on that evening were dead silent. He ordered the contractor to be taken in custody and be brought before him the next day in the court hours.

In short, the man was jailed for no specific time till further orders. The accused had a very old mother. Wali Sahib knew her personality because her late husband has once been his tutor in childhood. The old grandie was very much shocked and tried through many channels to get her son exonerated, but to no effect.

One evening, the old mother was told by someone, that Wali Sahib has gone to ‘Aqba’ to pay respect to his father, as usual. She went up to the Circular Road and waited the near the P.W.D store.

Wali Sahib was walking back with a few guards. When he reached the old lady, she came running towards him and taking him by the hand, said angrily, “Will you not release my son”. He replied, “Mother, your son has wounded my confidence in him.” The woman said in a shrill angry voice, “Are you not ashamed. His father taught you the Holy Quran.” Wali Sahib was standing speechless. And after a few seconds asked the guard to run fast and call Jail Subedar to immediately release the accused.

(Note: Image of the old lady is imaginary)

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