Swat History


ABA KHEL: Aba Khel is a branch of the Nikpi Khels. They occupy at present (in 1906) the whole of the valley of the Nikpi Khel stream and the lands on the right bank of the Swat below the point where the stream enters the river. They, however, are said to exchange lands with the Asha Khel when ‘wesh’ takes place. The leading men in the Aba Khel in the year 1895 were Nakshe Khan. But all the Nikbi Khels looked upon Yusuf Khan (Asha Khel) as their chief.

ABA KHEL:  Aba Khel is a section of the Baezai tribe occupying the left bank of the Swat river above the Musa Khels and below the Babuzais. This is one of the three sections included in the Kuz Sulizai. The Aba Khels are said to number 3,000 fighting men, but this is probably exaggerated. The most influential man in the section in 1895 was Mir Alam Khan of Ghalegai, but they were also said to be under the influence of the Musa Khel Malik, Faizullah Khan. There are numerous Gujar villages in the hills where numbers of buffaloes and cattle are grazed. In addition to Faizullah Khan (Musa Khel), in 1895, the most influential men in this section were Akbar Khan of Barikot, Abdul Khalik of Ghalegai, Daulat Khan of Barikot, Ashraf Khan of Maniar, Mansoor Khan of Ghalegai, Wafa Muhammad of Maniar, Aslam Khan of Ghalegai, Abdul Rahman of Parlai, Faizullah Khan of Ghalegai and Umar Khan of Parlai.

ABA KHEL: A section of the Baezai tribe on the left bank of the Swat river. It is one of the four sections included in the Babuzais. The most important men in the section in 1895 were said to be Sher Afzal Khan, Feroz Khan and Saadullah Khan of Qambar. This section can probably produce 1,000 to 1500 fighting men, and the population of about 5000.

ABUWA (Aboha): A village belongs to the Musa Khel section of Baezais and is situated on high ground at the skirt of the hills on the left bank of the Swat river. It consists of 300 houses. Water is used from a copious springs. The hamlet Baloh belongs to Abuwa (Aboha), which is occupied by the Durduni Khel clan of the Musa Khels. The leading Maliks in 1895 were Sarfaraz Khan, Shahbaz Khan, Mukarrab Khan and Faizullah Khan. The last named is said to be the most influential man among the Musa Khels and also in the neighboring section of Aba Khels.

AHANGAR DERAI: (Aingaro Dherai) A fort containing 20 houses on the left bank of the Swat river. It belongs to the Akamaruf village of Mingaora.

AIN: A village of 20 houses at the extreme limits of Upper Swat on the left bank of the river. It belongs to the Jinki Khel section of Baezais.

AINGARO OR (INGARO) ZIARAT: It has an elevation of 5,620′. The name of the pass lending from the head of the Aspan valley at the extreme northwest corner of the Adinzai Tappa into the valley of the Nikpi Khels. The path is quite fit for mule transport. On the Nikbi Khel side, this pass is known Ghakhe Banda from a village on their side of the ‘kotal’ which forms the boundary between the two sections. The name is derived from the shrine of Aingaro Baba, at Manjawar, a little way down from the west side of the ‘kotal’.

AKA MARUF: Aka Maruf is a section of the Baezai tribe on the left bank of the Swat river. It is  one of the four sections of the Babuzais. They are divided into 4 clans and occupy the village of Mingoara.

AKHUND KILA: A village of 60 houses situated on the south side of the road to Upper Swat. It is 13 miles from Chakdara. It is north of Dargai in the Nikbi Khel valley and is occupied by Miangans.


‘Gazetteer of Districts Adjoining the routes followed by Chitral Relief Force 1895’, Included As Part II with the title, ‘Gazetteer of Topographical and Ethnographical Information’, In ‘The ‘Military Report on Dir, Swat and Bajour’, (First Edition), Intelligence Branch , Division of the Chief of Staff, India, Shimla (1906), Pages 1-5.


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