Swat History


SHAH GIRAM (Now Shahgram): Shahgram  (in 1895) was a collection of four villages situated at the extreme north end of the Shamizai section . Two villages were situated on each side of the ‘nullah’, which here joined the Swat River opposite Churarai (Madyan). There were some 200 houses occupied by the Miangans. The Head men of Shahgram in 1895 were Shah Akbar and Talib.

SHAKARDARA: Shakardara is a village of the Sebujni section and situated in a small valley in the hills west of the road into Upper Swat. In 1895, it contained about 150 houses. Water was obtained from spring and also from irrigation channels.

SHALHAN (Now Shalhand): Shalhand was a village of 20 houses in Upper Swat situated on the bank of the Nikpi Khel stream. The inhabitants belonged to the Aba Khel branch of the Nikpi Khels.

SHAMIZAI: Shamizai (Shamizi) is a section of the Khwazazai, Akozai Yousufzais, situated on the right bank of Swat River. Their ‘tappa’ (in 1895) extended from the left bank of the Harnawai stream to the limits of Kohistan. The leading man of the section in 1895 was Husain Khan, the old Malak of Asharai. He was a Mama Khel. The ground bordering the river was irrigated and prepared for rice cultivation and was intersected with water channels. The Shamizais in 1895 could muster 4,000 fighting-men and there were some 1,500 able-bodied Miangans in the ‘tappa’. The population of this section including Miangans was estimated not less than 20,000.

SHAMLAI OR SHAMELAI PASS (ELEV. 4,300). This was a pass over a spur between Manglawar and Mingora, which was used by travelers to avoid a difficult part of the road between the river bank and the cliffs at the end of the spur.

SHAMOZAI PASS: It was the name of a pass leading from the Shamozai valley into that of the Nikpi Khels.

SHAMOZAI: A section of the Khwazazai Akozai Yusufzais that  occupied the bank of the Swat River between the Adinzais and the Nikpi Khels. It was divided from the former by the Gora spur (Gorrha) and from the later by the hills in which the Suigalai pass (Swegalai) is situated. The ‘tappa’ was triangular in shape, the hills forming the sides of the triangle and the Swat River as the base. As the spurs ran right down to the water’s edge, it is completely shut it. The paths leading from the Shamozai valley into the Nikpi Khel were over the Swegalai pass (fit for mules) and along the Swat River bank round the spur (only fit for men on foot).

SHANGWATAI: Shangwatai was a village of 120 houses belonging to the Sebujni section of Khwazazais, situated on the right bank of the Harnawai stream in Upper Swat.

SHANPIN OR SHAHPINR (SHALPIN): Shalpin was a village of 60 houses on the east side of the valley in Upper Swat. It belonged to the Azzi Khel section of Baezais.

SHERFALAM: Sherpalam was a village in the lower part of the Sebujni Tappa, situated half mile from the  right bank of the Swat river on the road into Upper Swat and about 26 miles from Chakdara. It had about 100 houses in 1895. The Malak of Sherpalam was Ghafar Khan.

SHINGARDAR: Shingardar was a village of 40 houses, situated in the Aba Khel (Kuz Sulizai) section of Baezais and on the left bank of the Swat River. An irrigation channel flowed here. The ‘banda’ of Nawagai belonged to this village.

Gazetteer of Districts Adjoining the routes followed by Chitral Relief Force 1895’, Included As Part II with the title, ‘Gazetteer of Topographical and Ethnographical Information’, In ‘The ‘Military Report on Dir, Swat and Bajour’, (First Edition), Intelligence Branch , Division of the Chief of Staff, India, Shimla (1906), Pages 163-174.


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