Swat History


TANGO: Tango (in 1895) was a village of 20 houses, situated in Upper Swat. It is situated on the left bank of the Harnawai stream. The inhabitants belonged to the Shamizai section of Khwazazais.

TIKDARAI: Tikdarai was a village that belonged to the Azzi Khel section of Baezais. It consisted of 50 houses. Malak of Tikdarai in 1895 was Nasrullah Khan.

TIRANG: Tirang was a Shamozai village of 120 houses on the right bank of Swat River. Eight Hindus were also lived here. It is inhabited by the Bazid Khel section. The hamlet Garai  was included in its ‘dafter’, but in 1895, Pathans lived there. The Malaks of Tirang in 1895 were Ghafar Khan, Nawab Khan, and Khairullah Khan.

TIRAT: Tirat was a collection of villages that contained 200 houses in all, situated at the upper (north) end of the Shamizai ‘tappa’. It was in the middle of a large freehold occupied by Maingans and close to the right bank of the Swat River. The headmen in 1895 were Qaisar Mian and  Tor Shah Mian.

TORWAL:  Torwal village (in 1895) comprised of 50 houses, in Swat Koshistan. While Torwali was also a village on the left bank of the Kohistan River opposite Baranial (Bahrain) with which it was connected by two bridges.

TUTAN: Tutan was a ‘banda’ of about 30 houses that contained the tenant servants of the Jinki Khel village of Paitai (Fatehpur).

TUTANO BANDA (Totano Bandai): Totano Bandai was a village of thirty houses in Upper Swat, situated at the upper end of the Nikpi Khel valley  and on the skirt of the hills near the entrance to the Ghakhe Bandai pass. The inhabitants belonged to the Aba Khel branch of the section.

TUTKAI (Totkay): Totkay was a village of 40 houses in Upper Swat on the west side of the valley. It is situated on the left bank of the Harnawai stream, close to its junction with the Swat. Its inhabitants in 1895 were Shamizais, a section of the Khwazazai tribe.

UDIGRAM (Odigram): Odigram was a village of  the Barat Khel (Babuzai) section of Baezais. It contained 400 houses and was surrounded by a wall with towers. It is situated close to the hills on the left bank of the Swat River nearly opposite the Nikpi Khel village of Akhun Kalay. This village shares its ‘dawtar’  with Pajigram. The headmen in 1895 were Pasand Firoz Khan, Firoz Khan, Hafiz Khan, Gwalai Khan and Dostai Khan.

UTROT-ELEV. 7,300′. (Utror): Utror is situated at the eastern extremity of a large plain (in Swat Kohistan). The plain (in 1895) was almost uncultivated and on it the ponies, which are largely bred here, were exercised and raced. There were miniature race-stands about the plain, consisting of logs raised on stones as seats with another log. In 1895 there were about three hundred houses and the Malak was Janbaz.

 WAINAI: Wainai in 1895 contained 60 houses that belonged to the Sebujni section of Khwazazais.

WAREJUH (Ghurejo): Ghurejo was a hamlet of 10 houses that belonged to the Asha Khel branch of the Nikpi Khel. It is situated on the right bank of the Swat River.

ZANGIAN: Zangian was a ‘banda’ of the Subujni village of Sherpalam that contained abut fifty houses.

ZARAHKHELA (Zara Khela): Zara Khela was a Shamozai village of 180 houses. Malaks of Zara Khela in 1895 were Ajun Khan, Kadar Khan and Samandar Khan. The hamlets like Gamkot or Alamkot, Kuhai and Charela belonged to the Zara Khela. The inhabitants of Zara Khela were from the Bazid Khel, Shamozais.

Gazetteer of Districts Adjoining the routes followed by Chitral Relief Force 1895’, Included As Part II with the title, ‘Gazetteer of Topographical and Ethnographical Information’, In ‘The ‘Military Report on Dir, Swat and Bajour’, (First Edition), Intelligence Branch , Division of the Chief of Staff, India, Shimla (1906), Pages 184-200.

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