Swat History


While talking to a news channel, about the insurgency in Swat, Miangul Aurganzeb ,Wali Ahad (late) said that if the State existed at this junction, they would have dealt with the situation in an aristocratic way. He was right in my opinion. Swat State had faced such challenge more than once at the very early days of its birth but Badshah Sahib (Miangul Abdul Wadud) tackled it ruthlessly and without any fear of repercussions, whatsoever.

A Mullah, commonly known by the name of Sundia Baba, gained much popularity and large following in Chakisar and the surrounding villages. As he hailed from the locality adjacent to Chakisar, he established  himself there. The people flocked to his abode and he started his own Court, dispensing the feuds of his followers, including the powerful Khans of Chakisar. He did not claim worldly authority  or showed interest in ruling but his presence in the vicinity of a State run system represented by Hakim Chakisar, created a threat to the authority of the central government in Saidu Sharif.

Badshah Sahib could not afford this uprising of a religious scholar and to run a parallel authority in the State. He deployed a heavy contingent of his ‘malatia’ under the command of Ahmad Ali Khan, Sipah Salar with the necessary instructions, its strict compliance and zero tolerance on the issue. The force reached Chakisar and was stationed at strategic locations around the village. As there was no arrangement of ration for the soldiers, the people of Chakisar hosted them. The Sipah Salary stayed with the Hakim in Tehsil building. The interesting thing was that the rank and file were not aware of the mission. They were verbally told that it was a movement against the enemy beyond Indus River.

 Sardar Ahmad Ali Khan started negotiations with the Khans of Chakisar , behind closed doors. He asked them to deliver the Mullah or face the consequences. He further told them that Badshah Sahib was very much annoyed and had clear cut orders of very drastic measures if their response was negative. After two days of hectic debate, the Khans agreed to hand over the Mullah Sahib. They also wanted that the State ‘malatia’ should leave in the dark before dawn. As the matter was solved amicably, the Sipah Salar was much relived. He ordered his men to rise before the morning light and march back to Saidu Sharif. They wondered at this anti-climax of the expedition. Any how, they gathered in the large ground near the Tehsil. In the semi darkness, they saw Sardar Ahmad Ali Khan coming out from the Hakim’s house followed by some Khans and a weak man held by two soldiers. He was put on a horse back. The Sardar thanked the Khans of Chakisar, embracing each one and then rode his horse, waved to the Hakim, the elders and stated the journey back to Saidu Sharif.

Thus writ of the state was restored. What was in store for Sundia Baba in the capital is not a big riddle.

(Note: The picture above is imaginary and not real)

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