Swat History


As an appendix to my article titled “The Age of Pukhto and some of its features”,(uploaded on www.swatencyclopedia.com on 24th August 2020). In this regard, I want to add the following submissions for general opinion of the readers. Though that period was very had for the downtrodden class of the society, some golden traditions were strictly maintained. For example extra ordinary respect was shown to the descendants of the great saints like Pir Baba, Akhund Darweza Baba, Maday Baba and the Sayyids and Sahibzadgans.

In my village the Akhund Khel Miangan were much honoured. Their woman folk used to go out of their houses for some relatives mourning or marriage etc in the darkness of the night. All the male villagers would abandon the streets completely to let them pass without being observed. Even boys above seven years did not enter the house of these people called ‘Sthanadar’. They also could stop gun fight between rival factions just by waving white ‘Sadar’ or his turban. Though they were not invited to Jirgas, their opinions were sought for blessings. Honour killing was much appreciated and was not made a cause of enmity.

Here I will love to relate a story though it was not related to my village. A man’s wife had illicit relations with a young man. They often made possible their meetings without being observed. The matter somehow leaked. It eventually reached the woman’s husband as well. He was shocked to know as he loved his wife very much and tried to keep her with comfort, care and love. One day, in the summer noon time, she put ‘Hena’ to his beard. He left the house for rest in the Hujra. The wife chained the door after him. He was feeling very uneasy and unexpectedly returned to his home. Opening the door from its hinges, he entered the courtyard and saw his wife in objectionable pose. The youth ran and tried to hide in the cattle room. The man snatched the rifle from the hanger and entered after the young man. He dragged him to the open yard and shot him between the shoulder blades. Then he went out to tell his father in law who was very influential. He was very furious and asked him why he did not kill her on the spot. The father came along with him and ordered him to shoot his daughter in his presence. The family of the dead young man also exonerated the man.

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