Swat History


In these statues there are not only the statues of Buddha but the statues and carvings of different animals are also included. Among the old relics discovered from the remains of But Kara the postal department has issued a postage stamp carrying the effigy of a stone line.

According to the research of Doctor Tochi, Swat (Mingora) was flooded by a big flood at the time of the birth of Jesus Christ in which the remains also sustained damage. The Doctor says that it remained a very important centre of Buddhism for 300 years which was thickly populated at that time. That is why in the light of the study of history, the sayings of the elders and in the light of personal observation the boundaries which we fix for Mingora are where the city is found in the boundaries of But Kara where the District courts and other offices of the government are established.

The elders say that the old population of Mingora at But Kara was destroyed due to rats. The inhabitants had left their residences because they were tired of these rats and had migrated to Makan Bagh adjacent to But Kara which is now-a-days situated inside Mingora. After that most of the population was established in the vicinity of the bazar which we can call the centre of Mingora and a place of the old population. After that the population of Mingora spread more and more now the boundaries of Mingora have been extended to Rahimabad, Saidu Sharif, Panr, Fizagat, Nawa Kalay and Ingaro Dherai. Its population is about 2 lakhs.

The old graveyard of Mingora is said to be the one in front of Girls College, Saidu Sharif, Swat. The second old and historical graveyard is that of Muhammad Gul Shaheed which remained in place since 1829.

The jehad which Syed Ahmad Shaheed Barilvi had started against the Sikhs in the N.W.F.P (now Khyber Pakhunkhwa), a mujahid by the name of Mohammad Gul was martyred at Shedo, Nowshera. As he belonged to Mingora that is why he was buried in Mingora. Where he was buried took the shape of a big graveyard afterwards and is known by the name of Mohammad Gul. The third old graveyard is that of Haji Baba to one side of which is situated the tomb of Talib Shaheed martyred in one of the skirmishes with Sikhs.

In 1895-97, the English made two separate invasions on Swat by the way of Malakand. When the range of fighting had extended up to Mingora in the second attack, then men came out to fighting and vacating Mingora city took the women folk to Lewani Tangi (it is the old name of that place where the emerald mines are situated now a day). At that time this area of Mingora was a dense forest and the men had hid their wives for the sake of their name. Now this forest does not exist at this place but its long but its long timbers can be found in some in some of the mosques of Mingora as relics.

Mingora is a clean city encircled by high mountains. It is situated near river Swat.

In its surroundings there are attractive and pleasant resorts in which Saidu Sharif (which is at a distance of 2 Km from Mingora) is particularly important. Beyond Saidu Sharif the area of Marghzar is situated which is exceptionally beautiful and the beautiful park at Fizagat is situated at a distance of 2 Km from Mingora on Madayan, Behrain Road towards the East. This park is the creation of the artistic mind of the Ex-Chairman, Municipal Committee Mingora and a famous political and social personality Malik Beiram Khan, which is unique for its natural and graceful sights.

The park is an embodiment of the great beauties of nature and is situated by the side of the River Swat. Inside the part greenery and flowers spread fragrance in every direction. There is a huge rock inside Fizagat Park and it has an open, plain top from where the scenery of the river Swat appear pleasant and joyful. There is always a huge number of Pakistani and foreigner travellers, visitors and tourists.


Note: This article was published in Daily ‘The News’ on 30th August 1995.

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