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Whereas the Government of India have no desire to annex the territory of the Khan of Dir, but require a road to be kept open from the Swat Valley to Chitral territory, the Khan of Dir, on behalf of himself and his successors, fully and freely undertakes:

That he will keep open the road from Chakdara to Ashreth,

That he will make any postal arrangements required,

That he will protect the telegraph on any occasion when it is put up,

That he will maintain the road, levy posts and camping ground enclosures in good repair, and that he will protect the whole line with levies.

II. In return for the above considerations the Government of India undertake to grant the Khan a payment of ten thousand rupees a year, and a present of four hundred Snider rifles with such a supply of ammunition as may be deemed advisable: and they will defray the cost, as may be necessary, of the maintenance of the levies.

III. The Government of India further undertake on their part, in consideration of the Khan accepting the conditions aforesaid and performing the services required by them, that they will not interfere with the administration of the country as fixed by its present boundaries.

IV.  In consideration of receiving from the Government of India as annual payment of 10,000 rupees the Khan of Dir, on behalf of himself and his successors, declares that trade passing along the road from Chakdara to Asreth shall forever be free from all toll or tax within his territories.

V. The payments for levies will be mad at the end of every month; the payment of the allowances to the Khan mentioned in Clause II, and of the sum mentioned in Clause IV in consideration of freedom of trade from taxes, shall be made in equal half yearly installments, one payment in the spring of the year, and one in the autumn. The first payments on these accounts will become due on the 1st of April 1896.

VI. The Khan of Dir, on behalf of himself and his successors, undertakes, at any time when the Government of India may wish to place troops temporarily on the Laram hill or on the Dosha Khel range, to give sufficient ground for their accommodation upon receiving a fair rent for the site or sites.


Khan of Dir,


The 12th September 1895.



A COLLECTION OF TREATIES, ENGAGEMENTS AND SANADS (VOUME XI), Compiled by  C.U. Aitchison, Dehli: Mangar of Publications, 1933, Pages 430-431.

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