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Translation Of An Agreement, made between Khan Bahadar Shah Jahan Khan And Alamzeb Khan, sons of Nawab Aurangzeb Khan, late Nawab of Dir, on the 11th April 1925

In the presence of and before the Political Agent, Dir, Swat and Chitral, we two brothers, Khan Bahadur Shah Jehan Khan and Alamzeb Khan, have made a fraternal and genuine peace with each other. In future we will act as loyal brothers one to the other.

Alamzeb Khan admits the rights of Khan Bahadar Shah Jehan Khan as being those of an elder brother. He also acknowledges him as the Khan and Nawab of Dir, and he will be in every way subordinate to him. Alamzeb Khan will serve his brother loyally, will turn out his armed forces in his service and will treat him in every manner as a subordinate and younger brother should treat his superior and elder brother, the Nawab.

Khan Bahadur Shah Jehan Khan has handed over the following Estates in fief to Alamzeb Khan for his maintenance (Guzara). He will manage the Estates under the suzerainty of his brother Khan Bahadur Shah Jehan Khan:

a. Jandul including Paikhal.

b. Sheringal all Oorta Sindh.

c. Jughabanj

An exception is made in the case of “Jandul Shahi”, which has been given to Said Ahmad Khan by Khan Bahadur Shah Jehan Khan, but no tower (burj) forts, etc, will be erected hereafter, by Said Ahmad Khan or his sons in this area.

The inhabitants of the Estates in question will for the purposes of Military Service (Lashkarkashi), forced labor (Begar, Khatta, Ghatta) be subordinate to Alamzeb Khan, but all fines (Naghas) will be levied by Khan Bahadur Shah Jehan Khan, and not paid to Alamzeb Khan.

Further the forts of Tor, Gambit, Chauda, Miskini, in the Jandul Estate, will be allotted by Alamzeb Khan under the orders of Khan Bahadur Shah Jehan Khan to whom over the latter may wish, provided that no Mastkhels will be allowed to hold any of the above forts.

3. Both brothers will turn out their armed forces in support of each other in case of attack by enemies of the Dir State. Mobilization of the forces will however only be permitted under the orders of Khan Bahadur Shah Jehan Khan. When the combined armed forces take the field, Khan Bahadur Shah Jehan Khan will supply all the ammunition and money required for active operations.

4. If for a period of two years Alamzeb Khan behaves loyally towards, and obeys the orders of Khan Bahadur Shah Jehan Khan as a younger brother should do, then in lien of this service, the latter will hand over to him the Barangola Estates as an extra maintenance allowance and he will be entitled himself to realise the income thereof.

As a further act of good will Khan Bahadur Shah Jehan Khan will in the meanwhile, from this date onwards pay half-yearly, to Alamzeb Khan, the estimated revenues from the Barangola Estate.

5. The property which has been given to Alamzeb Khan for his maintenance, will be subject to his fidelity and subordination to Khan Bahadur Shah Jehan Khan.

6. Hayat Ulla Khan, Dodha, Khan Gambir (Shad Muhammad Khan) and Said Badshah of Kurabar, undertake to foster fraternal love and a feeling of confidence between the parties and they take the responsibility for promoting this. Furthermore they will not allow others to create mischief between them. Should, however, either of the two brothers take up an hostile attitude towards the other, then these three gentlemen will join the opposite faction (“ Dalla ”) and turn out armed forces against the defaulter.

7. In any year when timber (Hair) is floated down the river, a sum of Rs. 14,000 will be recovered as a fee (“ Lungi ”) from the contractor responsible by Khan Bahadur Shah Jehan Khan and this sum will be paid over to Alamzeb Khan. Alamzeb Khan will not interfere with the contractor’s work in any way. The fee will be paid when the logs reach Kohna Dher and Khongi.

8. Alamzeb Khan will have no forest rights in Sheringall and other Estates given to him by Khan Bahadur Shah Jehan Khan. It forms the property of Khan Bahadur Shah Jehan Khan in his capacity as Nawab but no trees in the forests indicated will however be felled by either Khan Bahadur Shah Jehan Khan or Alamzeb Khan, until a settlement in the matter is reached between the two brothers.

Last night Alamzeb Khan despatched armed forces in support of the Khan of Khar. It transpires that Shah Jehan Khan is displeased at this action. Alamzeb Khan therefore promises that he will at once recall his army on condition that Khan Bahadur Shah Jehan Khan sends Zagrawar Khan of Kotki to disperse the Mamunds and other forces which are attacking the Khan of Khar. Khan Bahadur Shah Jehan Khan promises to dispatch Zagrawar Khan of Charmung tomorrow to endeavour to disperse the armed contingents indicated.

Shah Jehan, Nawab of Dir.

Alamzeb Khan, Khan of Jandul and


Shad Muhammad Khan of Gambir.

Hatat Ullah Khan of Dodha.

Said Badshah Khan of Kumbar.

Attested in the presence of all the parties concerned.

11th April 1925.

E. H. S. James, Lt.-Colonel,

Political Agent, Dir, Swat and Chitral.



A COLLECTION OF TREATIES, ENGAGEMENTS AND SANADS RELATING TO INDIA AND NEIGHBORING COUNTRIES, (VOLUME XI), (Revised and Continued upto 1929, Compiled by  C.U. Aitchison, Mittal Publications, Dehli, Reprinted in 1983, Pages 441-444.

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