Swat History

Prince Of The Students

Prince Miangul Alam Zeb was the second son of Miangul Jahanzeb, the Ruler of Swat from 1949 to 1969. In his childhood, Miangul Alam Zeb fell to epilepsy which at that time was considered incurable disease. His father, the Wali, was very much upset and worried about his illness. The fits made the little prince rolling on the ground. His limbs twisted and untwisted and caused much pain to him and the family looked at him helplessly. He was checked by the many Indian and British doctors who tried their level best to bring back the kid prince to normality. Once of the doctors, an Englishman, offered to treat the boy but warned that during the treatment, the child may lose his eyesight. Wali Sahib agreed with heavy heart to save his son’s life. The doctor started the treatment and the fits disappeared after sometime but as warned already, he lost his eyesight. The little prince faced the calamity as his luck. He devoted himself to learn the Holy Quran by heart. There was at least some light remaining with which he could tune the radio. He was very fond of world news and specially listened to BBC. He could also read somewhat when a paper was put close to his one eye, at a certain angle. Otherwise, he was helpless and totally dependent on his servants. He walked in the evening up to Mingora and back, keeping one hand on the shoulder of his servant and bodyguard.

He got married to the daughter of a powerful family of Bar Swat, the Khan Bahadar of Jura. From this marriage, he had three sons, prince Akbar Zeb, prince Aslam Zeb and prince Anwar Zeb.

Miangul Alam Zeb was very pious and led Ramazan prayers also. He diverted all his facilities as a royal prince to the uplift of education and students welfare. He distributed free books to hundreds of thousand students throughout the State. Thus a great number of poor students were able to continue their education.  He had a wonderful memory and recognized each one whoever met him once, by his voice.

In 1961, I approached him one day and requested him to ask Wali Sahib for granting me a job in any department of the State. Those days, I was a little bit astray and could not concentrate on my studies. I was eighteen years old and very much frustrated with my life and the shortcomings I faced. I kept my attempt for job secret from my father.

The prince, generally called Shahzada Hafiz Bahadar, got very angry on my request and told everything he know about me so clear that I was totally taken aback. I walked out of his hujra, very perplexed, thinking who could have told him these correct stories.

The next day i was called to attend office of H.H, the Ruler of Swat. I was admitted to his office. He asked me if i wanted job. I replied “Yes, Sir.” He said, “Why don’t you continue your studies. Alamzeb told me you are very intelligent and noble boy.”

I was almost dumb, and wondered how the good prince was furious at me and how he had recommended me to his illustrious father in so good words. Anyhow, Wali Sahib appointed me in the State P.W.D. Such was prince Miangul Alam Zeb, Hafiz Bahadar Shahzada. This is how the blue blooded royals served their people. May his soul rest in eternal peace.

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