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Translation of paragraph (1) of a Murasila from Khan Bahadur Shah Jehan Khan to the Political Agent, Malakand, dated the 12th April 1925

After compliments.

I beg to submit that i had an interview with you to-day when I discussed all outstanding questions regarding my demands and requests. Now by means of this document (Murasila) I beg to submit in detail, the result of the discussion and the conclusions arrived at:

1. l am prepared fully to comply with the terms of the deed of gift executed by my late father, in connection with my younger brother, Bakht Jehan Zeb, and will abide by the written Will of my father, dated 7th of Shaban, 1341 Hijri, in which the lands acquired by purchase and situated in Landali and other villages were given to my said brother and his mother Khunza Bibi of Chitral. Further as an act of grace and out of affection (for my brother) besides the lands purchased in Landai, etc., I also give to him the remaining mortgaged and unmortgaged lands situated in the said Landai which were at his death, in possession of and under the control of, my late father the Nawab of Dir, Swat and Jandul. I grant to my said brother these lands for his maintenance.

I also promise that I will myself settle any existing disputes about the mortgaged and unmortgaged lands in question with the Khans of Landai and Hanoi. My said brother, or his mother will not be called upon to settle these disputes.

I further promise that I will not in any way interfere with the property above mentioned so long as my said brother and his mother are loyal to me and do not in any way side with my enemies and ill-wishers. As a further act of grace I promise provided my said brother goes to an acknowledged college or school in British territory for competent education, to pay him a sum of Rs. 50 per mensem until he attains the age of 21 years. This allowance will be paid only if my brother is educated in an acknowledged Government college or school beyond the limits of Dir, Swat or Chitral.


Nawab of Dir, Swat and Jandul.

Received on the 14th April 1925.

The Waliahad verbally stated that this document, was genuine and written of his own free will.


K. H. S. James, Lt. Colonel

Political Agent, Mainland.

14th April 1925.



A COLLECTION OF TREATIES, ENGAGEMENTS AND SANADS RELATING TO INDIA AND NEIGHBORING COUNTRIES, (VOLUME XI), (Revised and Continued upto 1929, Compiled by  C.U. Aitchison, Mittal Publications, Dehli, Reprinted in 1983, Pages 443-444.

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