Never Ever Dream Again (Autobiography of Fazal Raziq Shahab) Part 45

Shangla was not declared as a District and was still a Sub Division of Swat. So in 1989/90, our Building Project Division Saidu Sharif was ordered to be shifted to Alpurai and establish a Highway Sub Division there. So our SDO Sher Shah Khan, Sub Engineers Abdul Rauf Tota, S.M.Tariq  and me along with our SDA, Jangrez reached Alpurai, with no accommodation or office facilities. We opened office in a room of the already existing Building Sub Division.The SDO returned that day back to Saidu where he had a house in Gulkada NO.2

We stayed for that night in SDO building residence.This SDO was from Aghal, Nazar Khan by name. A very simple nature man, straight and honest. Honesty and efficiency are the worst drawbacks , closing all doors of promotions or appreciation in some Government organisation. You must earn and give main chunk of it to your superiors, leaving just enough to live on. An unearnings staffer is considered unfit for promotion. M Nazar Khan was a capable Engineer but did know tha tactics to please his higher ups. So he was always ill-treated during the visits of superior officers and often made a laughing stock in front of his subordinates. So we were in an untoward situation in Alpurai.

A project at that time was under progress called Improvement & Blacktopping of Karora-Chakesar Road. We did not know the in and out of the project. Expenditure were incurred without visible work on site. We were also not aware that this project has been under scrutiny in the ACE, Swat but the Sub Engineer incharge was stalling the registration of FIR by bribing an Inspector. First of all we, the three musketeers, checked the length of the road. It was more than 30 kilometres while the Technically Sanctioned estimate and Drawings showed it as 28 kilometres. Now if we revised the estimate it would have most definitely resulted in an inquiry and sagging of all preceding staff. We have to save the officers and also to adjust the extra two kilometers in the sanctioned Budget. I suggested that we can save enough amount in earth work which is on the exaggerated side.This was agreed upon.

Actually, in hilly roads, earth work cutting is a very profitable item and the contractors often execute more quantity than actually needed. So I thought it my obligatory duty to watch the over all project as a tribute to the people of Chakesar who were of great help to me not only on the State era but also during my emergency visit after the 1974 earth quake. I was sure of my two colleagues, Abdul Rauf and S.M.Tariq for our joint efforts to complete the project not only in the stipulated time but within the sanctioned estimates.

Meanwhile, before the June of that year Abdul Rauf got himself transferred to Saidu as he was a favourite of many officers. On the 30th june, (I am confused about the year, may be it was 1993), I was called by XEN Ameer kamal to his office and asked about the fund position. I told him we had a Million plus still in balance but there is no work done at the site. He stressed let the funds lapse but no payment was to be made to Mr.X. I told him the said contractor was not in my section but I would convey the orders to S.M.Tariq. After an hour or so that Mr. X entered my room of office and asked me to prepare a bill in his name for all the balance amount. I refused as per order of the XEN. He sneered and said whatever he wanted would be done soon.

After a few minutes,I was called by XEN and he advised me to release all the balance million to Mr.X. I saw the local MPA was there with the XEN, looking at me with a twinkle in his eyes. I refused and reminded the XEN of his directives a few minutes before. He got very furious  and said his orders must be carried out. I replied I would prepare the bill but would not sign it. Any how the payment was made without my signature. And this resulted in my transfer to Chitral.

Now this Mr.X belonged to a lower middle class with no prominent position in his own area.But was sponsored by that political personality and in a matter of days, he accumulated wealth beyond imagination.

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