Never Ever Dream Again (Autobiography of Fazal Raziq Shahab) Part 50

We had to depend on the services of one or two men to work in our kitchen. So we used to call two Road collies to be on duty with us. Shortly, the Government issued strict orders, withdrawing all class four employees from the officer’s houses.Thus we had to arrange one servant on our own resources. While living in Sawarhai, we had a very old but tall and muscular, strong man from Mula Yousuf village. He was very tall, almost 6.5 feet, with dyed beard. There were very few teeth in his mouth. He was very punctual about his five time prayers.The only undesirable habit was his use of Naswar (snuff).

One day, while he was cooking breads in the kitchen, I saw him putting Naswar in his mouth and with those fingers made bread from the kneaded flour. I hardly controlled myself as my stomach turned. I skipped eating that evening. My colleagues ate as they had not seen him. Now I am missing his name but we called him Mama. He was a great story teller. He had been serving in the Army of Nizam Deccan, Hyder Abad, Mir Usman Ali Khan, Asaf Jah the 7th, the last of the Asia Jah Kingdom. That’s why he was so smart in this old age. He had been also with the Berhoch Khan. He talked of his hunting  expeditions and his hospitality.

He told us that when  Wali Sahib, Miangul Jahanzeb, then as Wali Ahad, was on extensive tour of Buner on horse back with his entourage, he also paid a visit to Berhoch. The Khan entertained him according  to the status of the visiting Prince. Cows were slaughtered and many people of Berhoch and the adjacent areas were invited to enjoy the feast and see the Swati Prince.

Mama was often not on good terms with me. He hated my indulgence and other activities. One day, his patience exhausted and burst out all that was on his mind and left telling he would never return to us. So we had to search his substitute at the earliest. There were no developmental  works ongoing and we were facing financial problems also.

I do not remember the exact date though we had a bundle of files containing the record of my wife illness but it was the last quarter of 2001, my wife lost senses in a coma. We rushed her to Swat Medical Complex in a Taxi from our village Aboha. She was admitted immediately and after a number of various tests,  Dr. Purdil Khan advised to shift her immediately to LRH,Peshawar. Her kidneys had stopped functioning and she needed dialysis. So she was taken carried to Peshawar on the same evening and the processed the same night on emergency basis as the facility was not available in Swat then. My elder son Humayun was with her. Next morning I also reached Peshawar. After a few days, colour returned to her face and we returned to our village.The doctors advised us to keep the process of blood washing once a week. In 2002, the disease reached its full severity and dialysis became daily instead of weekly.

One young Doctor told my son that the patient needed immediate kidney transplant. He said L.R.H did not offer transplant service to patient above 50. So he advised us to take my wife to Rawalpindi where private hospitals provided required services and also help finding a person willing to sell his kidney. This was an untoward situation.We had no money to meet up the expenses. But after great efforts we were able to raise enough money on loans from relatives. Non of my own brothers offered any sort of financial help. Making long story short, we bought one kidney from a Kashmiri youth on payment of eighty thousand rupees.

The Transplant Surgeon fee was five lacks but later he charged Rs.four lacks. After a week checkup he allowed us to to take the patient home. He advised also to bring the patient every month for checkup. This proceedure remained for eight  years, then slowly the patient response to the medicines weekend. She was some four times admitted in Bilal Hospital, Satellite Town Rawalpindi but it could help only in prolonging the deficiency.

During this period we had to leave our homes due to the insurgency and terrorist uprising in Swat. We faced all possible hardships with helpless submission. We acquired upper portion of a house in Phase II  sector, Hayat Abad, Peshawar  at Rs. 9000 per month. It was very hot and our kids complained of mosquitoes. We had only one privilege and that across the street was Masjid Ammar Bin Yasir.

Before leaving our homes, we had suffered so much humiliations .One of my brothers, Khurshid died of cancer in Shifa Medical centre,Saidu Sharif. He had undergone three surgeries and it was a must to bury him immediately but my brothers and the dead body were delayed at Balogram. After a long held up they were allowed to pass.So we buried him at 12 mid night in Aboha.

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